Film. The. Police.

RCMP Officer kicks suspect in the face during arrrest

Weed need more cameras. Plain and simple.

Filming of Police: Legal Lack of Understanding

It seems that often, both citizens and police are uncertain of the laws pertaining to filming officers in the course of their duties. This highlights the need for more publicly available information regarding these laws.

This general misunderstanding is exacerbated by the fact that the laws differ from place to place, making the need for localized information crucial to the education of citizens and officers alike.

Officer claims she was attacked. Video shows otherwise

Yet again, another example of a recurring theme with police officers. When they assault someone, they claim they were assaulted first. This is a free move for them, since there are no repercussions for lying. They only change their story if and when evidence to the contrary (video or otherwise) comes up. This of course raises the question of how many times things like this happen and there is no video evidence. How many assault victims are then charged with assault themselves and further victimized?

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Blowing Bubbles

Woman arrested for blowing bubble at police officer.

Although the officer’s attitude was poor, there doesn’t seem to be any major abuse of power here. Blowing bubbles in anyone’s face can be reasonably considered provocation. Provoking the police to get a reaction out of them distracts from the real cases of abuse.

Film the film police

Vancouver man beaten by cops for answering door

Like a knee jerk reaction, when cops beat an innocent person, they claim they were assaulted. They only reverse this when they are confronted with video evidence or when it becomes absolutely clear to the public that their story is BS, as is the case here.

Assaulted for filming the poilce

Royal Canadian Mounted Police should not investigate themselves

Police beat already unconscious suspect

The suspect tries to run over an officer, then later flips his car, is ejected and lies unconscious on the side of the road.

Police then start punching and kicking him. This is in Birmingham, Alabama